Air and Sea Cargo to Pakistan starting at £1/Kilo

Air Cargo to Pakistan
Starting at
per kilo

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Air Cargo is the fastest way to send parcels from the United Kingdom to Pakistan, with the average parcel arriving in just over a week with prices starting at £3/kilo (T&C Apply)!

Sea Cargo to Pakistan
Starting at
per kilo


Send your parcel with Sea Cargo to Pakistan with prices starting as low as £1/kilo! Sea Cargo is the most common way of sending parcels to Pakistan.

Want us to safely deliver your parcel?

Then make sure you book with us, we guarantee a 100% delivery of items to Pakistan. So you can be sure to count on us. Examples of items we send are clothes, shoes, curtains, Bedding and dried fruit.

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Euro Pak Cargo Services Limited

We are the original Euro Pak Cargo Services Limited. We offer simply the best service available to get your parcels sent from the UK and Europe to Pakistan. We pride ourselves on:

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